Randy Andrews' Individual Coaching Process

Randy Andrews' Individual Coaching Process

Your young child or budding athlete deserves to have all the resources he or she needs to be successful. Working through and past physical and mental roadblocks is critical to unleashing their full potential, which is exactly what the self-improvement and athletic performance hypnosis sessions from Randy Andrews offers. This unique take on personal development is ideal for recognizing obstacles and overcoming them with the help of the subconscious mind. Learn more about how these performance hypnosis sessions work and contact us today to enroll!

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The Initial Coaching Discovery Call

The first step to athletic performance hypnosis is to learn more about your child’s unique situation and mental or physical obstacles. Through the initial discovery call — which is completely free — Randy Andrews will learn more about what the individual is looking to change and start to develop a unique approach to this type of self-improvement coaching. All the treatment performance hypnosis sessions offered through Randy Andrews are individualized and don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach. This consultation typically lasts between 30 to 60 minutes.

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The Individual Athletic Performance Hypnosis Sessions

Several different athletic performance hypnosis packages are available to provide the best possible coaching to your child or young athlete. Regular sessions — which can be performed either in-person or virtually — are for 45 minutes with a cost of $200. However, for regular performance hypnosis sessions that can help the individual succeed in a chosen sport, one session per week is $600 a month (or $150 for each session).

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Features of Our Youth Coaching

Randy Andrews can help provide necessary coaching that focuses on a variety of mental factors, all of which can hinder athletic performance. Each performance hypnosis session is focused on discovering the reason behind seeking change and discovering the underlying reason behind the hindered performance. Identifying what is holding the individual back is key to addressing it and fixing it from the root, coupled with follow-up sessions and “homework” to ensure peak effectiveness. Enroll in our athletic performance hypnosis sessions now!

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Invest in Self-Improvement for Athletics

The athletic performance hypnosis offered by high school motivational speaker, Randy Andrews, is perfect for increasing mental, and therefore physical, performance in a variety of sports. If your child or young athlete is involved in any individual or team sport, take advantage of our unique brand of coaching now!

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Allow your child to reap the rewards of performance hypnosis sessions by getting in touch with the Randy Andrews Live team!

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