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What do you get when willing volunteers relax, have fun, and let loose on stage? The short answer...a GREAT comedy hypnosis show. Every show Randy puts on is 100% different. Once the volunteers are put in a trance, no one knows what will happen. Each comedy hypnosis show is built to fit any audience. If you're looking for fun at a corporate event, entertaining a crowd of students, or drawing fun in for a fair, book the best live comedy hypnosis show!

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With over 20 years of professional DJ / MC experience, Randy can keep the crowd entertained and dancing all night. Having traveled all throughout the US as a professional DJ, Randy has experienced major events and festivals down to small, intimate gatherings for friends and families. Randy can put the special touches on your next big event to make it THE event your guests talk about for years.

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Not all magic has to be dark & mysterious. Randy brings a lighter, more comedic side to the world of magic and mentalism. Throughout his show, Randy will amaze, intrigue, entertain, and (probably) confuse your audience with different tricks and effects. He is able to custom build his show for audiences of all ages. Whether you're looking for a family-friendly show or a "Vegas" style adult magic show, Randy will deliver!

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At a young age, Randy learned through different life experiences that having the right mindset can make a HUGE difference in your life. As he got older, he sought ways to help others develop a positive, growth mindset. Through stories, education, and a trick or two, Randy can relay a positive message on the importance of a good mindset to you and your audience.

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Being a former athletic coach & athletic director, Randy is familiar with the importance of proper guidance and coaching. He has worked with both individuals and small groups on a routine basis. Whether you're looking at improving your mindset, increasing your leadership skills and abilities, or perfecting your own inner abilities, let Randy coach you and teach you techniques to help you become more successful.

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