Why Comedy Hypnosis is a Roaring Success

Why Comedy Hypnosis is a Roaring Success

Randy Andrews is a professional entertainer with over 20 years in the business. Not only is Randy passionate about what he does, but he also delivers entertainment that is engaging, customized, and creative for the ultimate experience. One of the services Randy offers is a Comedy Hypnosis show, which involves entertainment to a different caliber. This type of entertainment leaves crowds with a fully customizable experience they will never forget! Contact Today to learn more!

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Experience Crowd Engagement

Have you ever been to a show and had the audience be the entertainment, as opposed to the performer themself? At Randy Andrews, this is exactly what happens at the Comedy Hypnosis show. Randy makes this an experience the crowd will never forget by allowing them to fully engage and be the forefront of the show!

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Customized Comedy, Every Time

Randy Andrews goes out of his way for each and every Comedy Hypnosis show to be fully customizable. Not only is each show different and entertaining, but there is also more involvement to keep your interest peaked throughout the performance.

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Improv Mixed With Imagination

Comedy Hypnosis first involves the process of getting volunteers to put them in a trance and then to let their imaginations take them wherever they want to go! Randy wants his audience to feel connected and involved in every aspect of the show.

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Creative Entertainment

Any form of entertainment often grabs our attention and makes us want to know more. At Randy Andrews Live, the Comedy Hypnosis show takes creativity to another level. People leave with a unique experience they will remember time after time.

Randy Andrews creates entertaining and creative shows for audiences of all sizes. Comedy Hypnosis not only brings a heightened display of creativity, but also an increased engagement amongst audiences so that THEY are the show. Contact Today to learn more about Randy Andrews!

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